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The Fattey Hockey League is Buffalo’s elite summer hockey league. The league began in 2005 and has grown into a twelve team league. Each team plays 14 games starting on Sunday, June 11th, 2017.  Join our mailing list below to get more information.

FHL features:
14 game nights over 9 weeks, Starting  June 11th, 2017.
All games at HarborCenter.
Schedule: Every team plays every FHL Game night.
Fast paced 5 on 5 non-check hockey.
Each roster includes:
10 Veteran Players
5 Rookie Players (1999-2002)
1-2 Goalies
Referees, scorekeepers and penalty shots.
FHL 2017 Jersey and T-Shirt.
Skill Level: NHL, PRO, NCAA, OHL, USHL, Prep, High School and Midget players.
Player and team awards
Team Captain System. Veterans are “signed” by one of 12 team captains.
FHL Rookie Combine will be held in May 2017.
FHL Rookie Draft will be held in May 2017. 
Online registration and payment system.
Unique 1:15 shift system, designed to push the pace.

Past Champions/Playoff MVP

Past Champions (Captain) and Runner Up (Captain)

2017 Patrick Ewing (Joe Carosa) vs. Larry Bird (Nolan Sheeran)

2016 Cookie Monsters (Patrick Polino) vs. Ogres (Nolan Sheeran)

2015 Cloud City (Patrick Polino) vs. Mordor (Vinny Scarsella)
2014 Milli Vanilli (Vinny Scarsella) vs. Pet Shop Boys (Patrick Polino)
2013 Cane Corso (Pat Polino/Matt Nuttle) vs Scotties (Chris Maxick)
2012 Vatican City (Vinny Scarsella/Tim Benner) vs. Madagascar (Matt Zarbo)
2011 Cougars (John Cullen) vs. Barons (Matt Zarbo)
2010 Rockies (Vinny Scarsella) vs. Jets (Ryan Mackey)
2009 Maroons (Justin Cefaly) vs, Nordiques (Chris Fattey)
2008 Whalers (Neil McKenney) vs. Nordiques (Chris Fatey)
2007 Gormley (Brian Gormley) vs. Musialowski (Mike Musialowski)
2006 Scarsella (Vincent Scarsella) vs, McKenney (Neil McKenney)


Playoff MVP's

2017 Joe Carosa

2016 Andrew Poturalski

2015 Dylan McLaughlin/Andrew Poturalski
2014 Patrick Kane
2013 Sean Malone
2012 Cory Conacher
2011 Jon Cullen
2010 Vinny Scarsella
2009 Scott Diebold
2008 Derek Whitmore
2007 Matt Zarbo
2006 Chris Fattey

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