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FHL Warmup/Free Agent Skates

The FHL will be doing a series of warm up skates in order to help current FHLers and FHL Free Agent hopefuls get ready for the 2016 season.


These skates will be on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited to 30 skaters and 4 goalies per session. You must register online to participate.


When are the skates?
June 2.. 7pm Warm Up/Free Agent Skate @ HARBORCENTER
June 6.. 7pm Warm Up/Free Agent Skate @ HARBORCENTER
June 8.. 7pm Warm Up/Free Agent Skate @ HARBORCENTER


How do I complete registration online?
Click "Pay Now" to register.  You must pre-register in order to participate.  Space is extremely limited.


What is the level?
The level is extremely high and is not for greenhorns.  If you have a question on the level of play, please email me at the address below.  It is an extremely high level of players with strong high school, junior, college or pro experience.   Players must be 18+ in order to participate. 


What if I am already signed up for the league?
That's great, this gives you a chance to get your wheels going before FHL Puckdrop on June 12th, 2016.  You must register for the skate in order to participate.


What if I am a Free Agent?
This is the perfect chance to show FHL captains and other players what you can do.  All 12 captains are invited to the skate and last year we had a number of players get asked to participate on FHL teams after a successful camp.  


What kind of special rules does the FHL have?
You will take part in 45 minute FHL style scrimmage.  What is an FHL style scrimmage?  Basically it is a high paced game with limited whistles, no body checking, and equal ice time for all.  Each team will have multiple FHL captains on the bench to help with any issues.  Rules will be provided at the skate. 


What do I need?
1. Waiver - Everyone will be required to sign a waiver before they hit the ice.
2. Equipment - We will be providing tryout jerseys and water bottles.  


What if I can't make it?  
We strongly encourage every player to attend an FHL skate, but understand that conflicts arise.  This might be the only time these captains will get a chance to watch you play, and that will help you land on a team.  


Who are the captains?
This years Captains include Vinny Scarsella, Joe Carosa, Mark Zarbo, Geoff Braun, Michael Peca, Nolan Sheeran, Chris Maxick, Patrick Polino, Alex Lepkowski, Grant Garvin, Brad Hawayek and Nik Fattey.  


Who is signed up to play this year?
Every year the FHL gets better and better and this season is no different.  We have already had an incredible amount of professional, college and major junior players signed up.  Rosters will be released shortly.  We strictly enforce a no-autograph policy in the rink at all FHL events.  If you spot one of these players at an FHL event, we would hope that you would respect their space.  We are a player friendly league and want to keep it that way.  


Any other questions?
Please feel free to email me at



Thanks again,

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