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2017 FHL Rules

Playing Area

Protective netting, wall, glass and ceiling are all considered “in play”



The league consists of 12 teams.

One rookie player must be on the ice at all times. 

Rookie players will be wearing a jersey number in the 90’s or 00.

Teams must have 9 players and one goalie each game.

Teams that do not have 9 players will have an “added player” to until they have 9 skaters.

For each “added player” the team will be given a two goal advantage. 

All players must have signed waivers before they are allowed on the ice.



Full face masks are required for all players under the age of 18.

Full hockey equipment is required for all players.



All penalties are penalty shots.

Body checking is not allowed.

Fighting is not allowed and will lead to an automatic league ejection.

Icing the puck results in an additional player being added to the ice for the team that did not ice the puck.  Any additional icings will add an additional player.  All additional players will leave the ice after a goal is scored and 5 v 5 hockey will resume. 

Major penalties of any kind may result in a league expulsion

Drawing blood for any reason with a stick or body part will result in an automatic ejection from the game.

No players should be in offensive zone during penalty shots. Defending team keeps puck on missed penalty shots. 

Any player recieving a penalty during a shift must leave the ice.  A team may put another player on the ice for penalized player.

Any player receiving 3-penalties in one game will not be able to play for the rest of that game and for the remainder of the game day.


Game Flow

Each warm up is 3:00 minutes long.

Each game is 30:00 minutes long.

Breaks in-between games will be 30 seconds.


First 25:00

A horn will blow at 1:15 seconds from the 30:00 mark until the 5:00 mark.

All players on the ice must leave the puck when the horn sounds, failure to comply will result in a penalty shot for the opposition.

“Scarsella Rule” The clock stops for penalty shots in a three goal game.

“No face-offs” Infractions and whistles result in an immediate change of possession. 

Defending team gets possession on a freeze or goal.

“No racing” to pucks that are not in the neutral zone on line changes. Defending team retains possession on a change.


Last 5:00 minutes. 

No horn for the last 5 minutes. Change on the fly. “Rookie Rule” still applies.

All whistles result in a face-off. Clock stops in a 1 goal game.



If a game is tied at the end of 30 minutes, each team selects one player for a 1-on-1 shootout until one team wins.

Game Value

Win % will determine order of standings. +/- will be the second factor in standings.

Tie breaker for playoffs and seeding is.. W, +/-, head-2-head, GA, GF.

Rust Belt

Whoever holds the Rust Belt at the end of the season is automatically in the playoffs.  If the team is currently not qualified for the playoffs, the 8th place team will be replaced for the Rust Belt Champions.


1st and 2nd place teams get a bye into the semi-finals.  1st seed chooses 3 teams to play in their playoff bracket.  Teams play each other in order of standings.  



Best of 3 games.  



Referee respect. Please respect the referees. We will be implementing and enforcing a “Card System” to reflect players conduct towards each other and referees.
a.“Card System” If a player disrespects a referee, official, the game, opponent or teammate, they may receive a “Yellow Card” warning from an on ice or off ice official. Three yellow cards during the season will result in a player being suspended for 1 game. Cards will be tweeted after every week. Card protests must be made directly to the league commissioner.



Captains may protest a result, all protests must be made to the commissioner or acting commissioner no more than 5 minutes after their game has ended.


Playoff Roster

Teams are only allowed to dress 15 skaters and 2 goalies for the playoffs.  

Teams may add players to their teams that are on teams that have been eliminated from the FHL.  

Teams may only add one player per eliminated team.  


Golden Rule

Nicholas Fattey can change any rule at anytime.

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