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You have been selected to participate in the 2019 FHL!


You signed up and were selected by one of the ten FHL Captains and have been added to an FHL roster.  Do not pay tuition unless your name appears on an FHL Roster!!


The talent this year is better than ever before, and the FHL is as popular as it has ever been. 


Tuition Payment

Registration cost for the entire year is $235.00 and registration is due by Tuesday, May 28, 2019.  If you do not register by the 28th,  you may lose your spot to one of our alternates.  

Who is signed up to play this year?
Every year the FHL gets better and better, and this season is no different.  We have already had an incredible amount of professional, college and major junior players signed up.  


No Autographs

We strictly enforce a no-autograph policy in the rink at all FHL events.  If you spot one of these players at an FHL event, we would hope that you would respect their space.  We are a player friendly league and want to keep it that way.  



My company is interested in sponsoring the FHL how do I do that?
Please contact me directly at the address below.  We have a few options available for businesses large and small.  


Please feel free to email me at


Thanks again, and see you at the rink!

Click "Buy Now" button to complete registration.

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