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What is the FHL?
The FHL is a summer hockey league founded in 2005. It is designed and is operated by Nik Fattey.  The FHL was one of the first summer hockey leagues for elite level players.   We have had elite players of all backgrounds in the FHL. From Stanley Cup Champions to Fr. Charles Cup Champions.  We've had two NHL 1st overall selections play in our league, lots of pros, Olympians, Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, College Students, High School Champions and Teachers.  Check out our Alumni list on the front page to learn more.

What kind of special rules does the FHL have?
The FHL prides itself on its unique “Player First” Rules System. What does that mean? It means no hitting, limited puck drops, no fighting, zero tolerance for dirty play, no icing, equal ice for everyone, penalty shots, no coaches, no ties and rules that are constantly changing to make the game better for its players.


How long are games?
Games are 30 minutes. Each team plays 2 games each game night. A unique horn system is in place to keep the tempo up, and the game play fast.


Who are the captains?
Captains are typically current and former Pro and NCAA players.

Who is signed up to play this year?
Every year the FHL gets better and better and this season is no different. We have already had an incredible amount of professional, college and major junior players signed up. Rosters will be released shortly. We strictly enforce a no-autograph policy in the rink at all FHL events. If you spot one of these players at an FHL event, we would hope that you would respect their space. We are a player friendly league and want to keep it that way.

How many players are in the FHL and what is the schedule like?
The FHL is a 8 team league. Each team is made up of a goalie and 15 skaters. Every week, beginning  June 4th, each team plays at least, two 30-minute games.  Jerseys, T-Shirts and all other fees are included in the price. Cost for each player is $235.00.


I am a goalie, what about me?
We occasionally have openings on teams for rookie goalies.  The other option for Free Agent goalies is to get on our goalie list. To do that, simply register online and we will contact you when we have a need. Many goalies on our goalie list and rookie goalies have played games.


I have played in the FHL before, am I guaranteed a spot?
We do welcome back past FHLers, but no spots are guaranteed. If you are a former rookie who is now a veteran, contact a captain to see if you can catch on with that franchise. We can add you to the FHL Free Agent list if you register online.


I am interested in sponsoring the FHL, how do I do that?
In the past, we had many great sponsors including Systems Technology Group and 24 Hour Door Services. Email me at to learn more on how you can become a sponsor.


Feel free to email the league at: with any other questions.

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